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    Angry Fraud Warning

    I've recently posted an advertisement on this forum and would like to warn everyone of fraud by a certain person disguised under this name (Adam Roberts...which is a real person I assume exist) and using this email <[email protected]>.

    The first email I got from him/her consisted of exchanges of wanting to buy the goods I posted ( I noticed a geoexpat disclaimer warning one of selling goods to certain countries) and that was where my suspicion of the whole fraud thing started. The potential buyer mentioned that he/she has an account with FedEx and asked if I wanted him to do the shipping and I agreed. The payment for the goods is to be done through Bidpay (a genuine US online payment website). I continued emailing to confirm whether the buyer is genuine and got to where I needed to provide personal info to which I did (just my name and address). What the person did was to:

    1. send me an email with details of a Bidpay number and a Western union order approval which contains broken links and spelling errors
    2. use my contact details and apply for a FedEx acct (FedEX sent me an email and I cancelled that account)
    3. sent me an email on hotmail under my own hotmail account to say that the shipping is to be done

    I'm glad I verified everything with the organisations concerned before shipping any goods out! Just a warning for everyone.

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    This is happening all over the net.

    Blame the nigerians for this one (and most forms of online scams involving shipping products).

    Seller beware. If the buyer is not in Hong Kong, I would personally not deal with them.

    I'm glad you did not get suckered into a scam.

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    Hi this scammer was on my auction site trying the same think luckily i have a fraud system in place to catch this

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