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    Those little sugar ants. I'm getting to where I can't stand the little insects. It seems they love my kitchen no matter what I do. Every time I see them or where they are coming from, they get a liberal dose of spray. I believe they live in the walls of the building where I can't get to them. I keep the kitchen spotless, have to keep everything in ziplock bags or in the refrigerator, all to no avail. In the US, we would have foggers or bait, which they would take back to the nest and kill em' all. Do they have those options here, and if so where can I get them?

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    Boric acid is the best IMO. You can mix it up with a little sugar and it should work the same way. You can also 'fog' it into cracks in the walls.

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    ant elimination products

    Here is a list of ant elimination products you can find in HK:

    Price: HKD$25

    Price: HKD$32

    Price: HKD$29.9

    Price: HKD$69

    Fume Price: HKD$43

    Price: HKD$18.5

    Price: HKD$57.8

    Price: HKD$28.5

    You can find most of them in Welcome, ParknShop, Watson, Mannings, CRC etc.
    Please note that price fluctuates

    Hope this help

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    We used the Combat Antbite (second picture) with great results.

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    Looking for ants....

    Do you have any ants?

    I need a few ants... i'm serious...

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    The Combat bait worked well for me as well. You're never going to get anywhere just killing the workers, you need to get them to take poison back to the nest.