Kota Kinabalu

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    Kota Kinabalu

    Anyone climbed to the summit? Is it strenous? Stairs or slope?
    Any points to think about? Is it worth it?

    Many thanks

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    My pareants took me up it when I was 1 year old in 1973 but I suspect it has changed since then!
    I was in Kota last year for a few days and was surprised how organised the trips were and how many different things you can do there- from white water rafting to going to deserted islands. Climbing Mt. Kinabalu was obviously one of the biggies and most schedules for a straight up-straight down were still 2 days. Climbing that high will always be pretty strenuous though I suspect it is a well-beaten trail. It will definitely be worth it- especially for a sunset/sunrise above the clouds.

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    Magic place
    Stairs much of the way; to a hostel (which you have to book for); can stay there overnight, then climb pre-dawn for sunrise - this part's over glacier-sculpted granite
    Then, down after the sunrise; a popular thing is to head for nearby hot springs to soak aching legs