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Diamond ring value

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    Diamond ring value

    I have a diamond ring set with the diamond with all the right papers - GIA report of the diamond and an appraisal of the diamond and ring combined - that I'm looking to sell. The appraisal is of 106K HKD, what do you think I would get for the ring if I sold it, and where should I sell it?

    Any one have some experience in this or some decent advice.


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    You would get 10-30% of that if you tried to sell it. So no point unless you are really desperate. You may get a better return of you traded it for other stuff at the stores.

    Think the moral of the story is... Don't bother wasting a lot on a big ring as it won't have much monetary value after it leaves the store. [emoji20] so mine is just sitting there collecting dust.

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    Actually I just wanted to know the second hand value of it, preferably by someone who might have experience in this area. If someone has experience or knowledge, I would like to get a good answer based on that. Perhaps it would be around 10-30 procent of the appraised value, as previously mentioned.

    I am myself not gonna sell it, I just got it appraised and now Im curious. What I paid for it I won't disclose here but I am very happy with my purchase from that specific point of view.

    I am also aware of the commonness of diamonds in the world.

    Thanks for your answers, lets see if someone else knows more.

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    Honestly, considering all those premium you paid for the markup from the orig seller and adding in the reseller profit etc, the 18K gold (assuming) won't worth much and a set diamond (even with GIA cert) will worth far less than a loose stone, you will be very lucky if you could sell 10-30% less from your original price.

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    If diamonds are just a marketing ploy started by Debeers and they're not worth as much as we think, what would you give as an engagement or wedding ring?

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    Sarcasm - because beating the crap out of people is illegal

    Try Wing On. No, not Wing On baat fo. Wing On Jewellers - branch in Wanchai and one in Causeway Bay. Take in the paperwork and the item, and ask them what would they give you for it.

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    Even though diamonds have been rising in value year on year. Selling diamond rings still command steep discounts around 30-50%.

    If you had gotten the diamond at a retailer that had buy back policy such as Brian Gavin Diamonds, James Allen etc. They would buy it back for 30% less than what you had paid. Yes that is still a big loss.

    Hence, shops in HK will probably only pay half of the value since you are a foreigner and they like to rip you off. Might as well just keep it if you aren't cash strapped. If the ring is from your EX - husband or whatever, then sell that sucker at a loss OR trade it for a nice luxury second hand watch. They keep their values better over time (some only).

    "Let me call my cousin who is a diamond expert. Yeah, best I can do is 5$ for that ring. It is a very generous offer that I am putting on the table. Besides, I have to pay my staff, electricity bills, rent and other to keep my shop open. Take it or leave it...... "

    Sorry, if you have watched Pawn shop you might get the reference.

    BUT, for the love of the poor miner who dug up your stone. Do not go to HK Pawn Shops, heard they royaly rip you off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rickyross:
    If diamonds are just a marketing ploy started by Debeers and they're not worth as much as we think, what would you give as an engagement or wedding ring?
    Our choice was sapphire. IMO much nicer to look at too.
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