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    Plucker -- tip of the year. So much for non-solicitation clauses ...

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    Thumbs up Call India for 5ยข per minute

    I found a calling card to call India, is the best calling card that you can use, because you can call to India, India Cellular, India,Bangalore, India,Hyderabad, India,Madras, India,Bombay, India,New Delhi. I did not believe it. And there are more, with this calling card you can get features like, Pinless dialing, Auto Recharge, Rechargeable, Speed Dial, Call History, Billing History. The calling card name is Bharat Mata. It is Completely Clean and comes with 30 second rounding. You can get it at

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    Quote Originally Posted by TOOTS:
    To add to this thread - does anyone know good cards to use to call the UK?
    3 Hong Kong : Explore 3 : IDD services : IDD 1966

    48HKD a month for unlimited calling to UK ( to fixed line though)


    3 Hong Kong : Explore 3 : IDD services : IDD 1968

    IDD Call : 1968 + Country Code + Area code + Telephone No

    Rates from 0.38 a min

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    There are two cards which i always hold to call is PCCW IDD Card. for 45 dollars they give me around 63 minutes..per second pulse almost.. this one i use for my short calls
    and Chak De India for calling long time if you can speak continously it can long for 170 mins for 35 dollars
    but the major pitfall is if you are going to cut the call you will loose almost as many minutes you spoke...

    I want to try this Bharat Mata card.. where is this available?

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    Mr. Tom Collins.. are the charges are in USD??.. 5 cents per minute? gosh.. i took it is Hong Kong dollar :P

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    IDD calls

    I am using IDD1609. They don't need fixed monthly fee and no contract period. They list out all IDD rates in their web-site. But one bad thing is that I need to put a HK$500 deposit because they only waive the deposit for HK permenant resident. Quality is good anyway.

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