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Wanchai Computer Centre - Safe?

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    Wanchai Computer Centre - Safe?


    So, I want a new laptop, specifically an ASUS Zenbook UX305. The CA I think is the newest model but from what I've read the FA and LA (older models) are pretty good, so would be happy with those too (assuming the price is better).

    I found the cheapest versions in WCC - $5499 for an FA, 256 GB 8GB RAM; $5999 for CA, 128GB 4GB RAM - but have been warned away by my boss who doesn't trust WCC. I know nothing about laptops/technology in general, so it's not like I could examine the laptop and make sure it was all in order.

    Is it safe to shop in WCC? Are there particular shops that are trustworthy over others? I found two or three shops which were ASUS specific, not sure if they were 'official' resellers though. I found the right laptop in Fortress but on offer it was $7999, and I'm poor, so WCC seems pretty attractive right now. Amazon can't beat the prices - the US has pretty cheap options but very few ship to HK and those that do have older models and whack on a massive shipping fee (understandably).

    Advice/information much appreciated!

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    Absolutely nothing wrong with WCC just do your usual research and see that the spec you want is what they're offering for the price etc.

    Pay cash or EPS so they don't put on a credit card surcharge.

    If you're not comfortable or confident then go with a friend who knows what they're talking about.

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    I can offer one data point. I bought an Asus laptop there and the sale and service was fine. It came with full warranty. It was cheaper than Fortress and within a few dollars of SSP. The Asus was kind of a crappy computer, but that wasn't the shop's fault. I got what I paid for.

    I can also offer you a data point for Fortress where I bought a Samsung laptop. Likewise, the sale and service experience was fine. They weren't the very cheapest, but I got reward points and they threw in some cheap accessories like a wireless mouse and some thumb drives. And oddly enough, Fortress had the brand new model I wanted that the Samsung store in the very same mall (Time Square) didn't yet have.

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    Do your research online, before stepping foot in the WCC.

    If possible, go to WCC with someone who knows computers well.

    At a minimum, make sure your laptop meets these specs:
    * 8GB RAM (16 is nice)
    * 256 GB SSD (preferably a known brand, such as Samsung)
    * Windows 10
    * 1920x1080 screen

    Optional, but worth considering:
    * SIM slot
    * other slots, e.g. SD cards

    Try multiple brands, pay particular attention to how much you like the following:
    * keyboard, flat keys, much 'travel', etc
    * trackpad - do you like the feel of it?
    * screen - shiny, matte, the choice is yours
    * general aesthetics - you're going to need to look at this thing alot
    * bulkiness of the charger - important if you intend to be mobile alot

    I recommend you make at least 2 visits to the shops, first visit to compile a list of options which you then research/price check at home, second visit to buy

    btw - use for checking prices

    good luck!

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    So... a copy of the name Yoga and switches it to Zen. Then a copy of the design from Mac book air to a PC version of it.


    Didn't know Asus is the ultimate robot.

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    like other people said, do your research and don't listen to their bs if they try push you to buy. Get quotes from them and then compare them. Also make sure you clarify everything, I bought a desktop pc and got it made based on my requirement, he didn't mention I had to install Windows on it. Thought it was included!
    I bought many things in wcc and so far it's ok. You get what you pay for in general, cheap product will fail a lot quicker so go for the brands.

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    I bought a laptop from the Mong Kok computer center. Asus transformer, I think. computer wasn't great (or rather, it was great for a while and then all of sudden was horrible) but like an earlier poster, i don't blame the store for that. Was 400HKD cheaper than the big stores.
    price rules just changed, though, right? so maybe things are different now as far as competitive pricing goes.

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    Like everyone else says, do your research and make sure you know what you are buying. Additionally, do research on peripherals and add ons like batteries, ram or external drives which they might try to tempt you into buying or try to add as extras or part of a package for a higher price.

    Also, as I'm sure you are already aware, there are different versions of the same laptop sometimes with different specs. Last November I helped a visitor look around and the laptop they bought had three different versions, one with an HD screen, another with a regular screen and a third version with a touchscreen. The price difference was about 2.4k, so make sure the price difference you have mentioned is not attributed to something like that.

    When you do decide, take your time checking your new laptop and don't let them rush you through the process. Test everyting, wifi, bluetooth, usb, speakers, etc... Often they will claim some kind of 7 day return but in reality they become very difficult to deal with, should the situation arise for any type of after sales service.

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    OP, there is one ASUS-branded shop, near the back of the 1st floor, in the middle. My firm has bought a number of laptops over the years from this shop. They're trustworthy, knowledgeable and have been around for years. Equally importantly they're always on a good price point. I would recommend them.

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    Safety? Is OP confusing WCC with the Golden Computer Shopping Centre in Shum Shui Po? Back in the 90's, the Golden Centre was a seedy joint controlled by the triads and selling mostly pirated computer games and software. Nowadays, even that once-notorious Golden Centre has been cleaned up and is a legit place to buy computer-related electronics and goods.

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