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Any cigar smokers?

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    Sep 2016

    No full stop after smoke in the song lyrics. Cigar smoking is pretentious BS, perfect for HK.......

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    When a boy i enjoyed, as did most of my friends, a small cigarillo- Hav-a-Tampa. A lovely beginner smoke. Why pay big bux for an item whose qualities are unknown to you? Hav-a-Tampas come 5 to a small box, have a nice bamboo tip (no shitty tobacco in the mouth), girls luv the aroma and best of all not quite as bad as big cigars for oral cancer.
    But, i have no idea if these smokes are available in HK.

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    Does anyone here have a humidifier at home? I used to have one back in Canada, it was on the small side and I had a terrible time maintaining the humidity.

    Also, I have heard people talk about djarums from Indonesia. Is this a cigar or something else? And where could you buy them here in HK.