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    As a person who is going to be relocating to Hong Kong in the future, I find this forum a GOLDMINE!

    Is anyone familiar with the area called San Po Kong? I did a Google search on it and it seems like the biggest thing about the area is the library.

    Can you tell me what it is like there? Is it residential? Industrial? Noisy? Nice?

    I wouldn't have posted this here if I could have found information on it, but there seems to be nothing available to read.


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    kowloon side, nr old kai tak airpoirt, no mtr (undergound railway) oh yes and it has a library

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    Certainly not an expat area these days though I understand Her Majesty's armed forces were stationed there back in the day. Mostly older buildings. There are quite a few business offices there. It has a large, old, uncomfortable cinema and rather good Japanese restaurant that I sometimes visit.

    I think I can safely say you don't want to move there. Nearby possibilities are Diamond Hill and Choi Hung, and in the other direction Lok Fu (I quite like Lok Fu) and Kowloon Tong (which has a number of expats and is a transport hub). By the way, all of these are on the Tiu Keng Leng MTR line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CamaronKazi:
    I think I can safely say you don't want to move there.

    I read your other post and realised you are actually moving to San Po Kong. Please ignore my quote above. I actually live in the same district and quite like it. It seems most expats want to live near other expats so that's what that comment is based upon.

    Anyway if you have any other questions about the area, let me know.

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    haha nice one camaron...

    well, san po kong is an industrial area. You;ll find old buildings and flats situated there aswell. For transport, buses and mini vans the go.
    The closet MTR station has to be Wong Tai Sin, thats where i live, and there are mini buses that frequently take passengers to and from WTS MTR and San Po Kong area with travel times around 10mins.

    It does have a few eaterys there and a fewshops aswell. There is a park with a sports centre right in the middle of it.

    To answer ur question, i dont think it is a noisy area. Its quite quiet when it gets to night time.

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    I just came back from Canada 5 mos ago and lived right across from Sun Po Gong.

    Yup, it's not an expat place. If you don't know chinese, u're prolly screwed. My canto sucks and I am already screwed there. I also can't read no words either. I get by with the help of my grandmother who knows the place like the back of her hand.

    There's an HSBC there w/ a cute front hostess. She went out of her way to get me an account, to jump the queue, and lined up for me in front of the deposit machine. (Her name is Kelvin. Yes, a cute girl w/ a guy's name.)

    All the goods a bada$$ cheap there. When I came I bought furniture, a jacket, awesome runners, , some slippers, and a pair of dress shoes for great prices. However, I go for higher stuff now, like Justco. Not to say that sun po gong's stuff is not good quality. I just like better quality. There's a couple of good dim sum places there where my grandma and I hang out to just eat roasted baby duck during happy hour. Some good bakeries, a community center for sports, and lots of barbers. There's a shanty town nearby which you can explore and there might be someone in there that can cut your hair for only $20, although I don't dare to try it. Life in Sun Po Gong never ceases to amaze me. One time I saw these ppl trying to fish the fishes in the waterway just for the heck of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bomberman:
    Yup, it's not an expat place. If you don't know chinese, u're prolly screwed.

    Well, I appreciate all the information that has come in from my post. I am starting to get a feel for the place, although I must say I'm shaking in my boots a little bit!

    Keep any an all info coming - I appreciate all that you say. As the quote goes, "Knowledge is power" and in my case - knowing what to expect. I'm already going to be experiencing culture shock; at least I can prepare myself a little.