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CNY Lai See Etiquette - Who, How Much, When and Why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shri
    Pro-tip .... use different envelopes for different amounts:
    And then remember what you've put in each envelope.

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    Quote Originally Posted by traineeinvestor
    And then remember what you've put in each envelope.
    And if you are giving way above the norm for a very special person who has taken care of you over the year (one of our building cleaners, two security guards) make sure you put it in a special little packet so they remember who gave it to them

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    Thumbs up CNY Windfall !

    A few CNY's ago, I went down to my wife's Catholic church (where we got married 40+ years ago) to chat with my daughter & my granddaughter after the Chinese New Year's service that they had attended.

    I was handed a Red Packet, said "Thank You" and put it into my pocket.

    It wasn't till several days later that I checked on the contents - and found it contained a golden $1000 note !!

    Now, that was the largest "tip" that I had ever got, and I didn't even whine "Laisee Dou Loi" to get it <Grin> !

    I had no idea who'd given it to me, but after quizzing my wife, she thought that the donor had possibly thought he was giving it to one of the St Anthony church Priests !!!

    Well, they are all elderly, just like me [Now 79]. So perhaps he'd thought that I was a "new" old Priest there and handed me the cash!!

    I wondered if fate would favor me again !? <Foiled>

    But: In following CNY years, I never was able to collect any more hand-out Red Packets there.

    As for the $1000 banknote, I decided that the best thing for me to do was to 'donate" it to my (then) very young granddaughter's saving account.

    Memo to others: Make sure you REALLY know to whom you hand out your money.

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