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Breaking the i-cable internet contract under fake name

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    Breaking the i-cable internet contract under fake name

    Hello everyone. I would like your advice on how to proceed in my situation.

    2 years ago I moved to my own place and couldn't find a reasonable internet provider. All said they don't deliver to my all building so I asked on a Facebook group and was put in touch with a guy named Daniel (no more info about him retained). He showed up promptly and had people install broadband internet at my place with a provider called I-cable. He even gave me a brand new router free of charge. He helped me open the contract by taking the number of my ID and then came back with a slip saying now I have contract. And internet worked fine so I never complained.

    But on the contract my name is incorrect - it doesn't have my first name, only second [which happened before due to the way they are presented on the ID I guess] and also says I'm a Mister not a miss. So on paper contract is between I-cable and Mr [second name] [last name]. I pointed it out to Daniel guy and he just shrugged like “whatever”. I didn't think it was an issue because he was always there to answer my questions and even came over few times to do so.

    Now I moved out and want to terminate this contract. The slip doesn't say how long is it. Daniel guy disappeared, his number is not active anymore, neither is the Facebook thread that lead me to him. Local people laugh that it's impossible to end I-cable contract. But I'm not laughing. So far I Haven't tried terminating it, but because of the incorrect name, missing middle man and so on, I wander what risk I am facing and how to proceed.

    Any experience with I-cable? What can I do?

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    They have your HKID number. That's all they need to pursue you. Contracts are usually 1-2 years. Call and cancel it. Don't ruin your HKID for couple hundred dollars.

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    Call i-Cable and ask them?

    Give them your HKID number and they should be able to bring up the details.

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    Reversing the name is very common here, not an issue. My wife was called Mister by CSL but that didnt matter as all they wanted was her to have the same ID number as on file.

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    1) Is your contract over the minimum period? Or are you looking for an early termination?
    2) Did you sign an official contract (that printed paper with your signature on it).

    I'd think that regardless of the technical issues (incorrect name) - you have entered into a contract with i-Cable and you're liable for it since you entered into the contract yourself with the intention of honoring it.

    About the incorrect name ... geez .. even HSBC has the an incorrect spelling for my company (business account, which has gone through all sorts of KYC anal probing) and has the wife's name spelt incorrectly on our personal account. Minor details ..

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    Contract is usually 2 years. You just need to follow the instructions to cancel, which I recall requires written or online notice.

    Try logging into their website to check