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Roaches infestation in new home- what to do?

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    May be they did not sell, may be someone local bought them, but just verified this cached result.

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    you can buy a bottle of Malathion and a hand sprayer form any large hardware store
    The normal method os to mix as per the label and then spray aropund all edges of the room and skirtings and window sills as well as all entrance doors. Do your neighbours have the same problem?
    Insects have their nervous system in their bellies
    The Malathion once sprayed gives of an acetylcholine gas about 1cm off the sprayed area that attacks the nervous systems of the insects It can get into the cracks and release the vapour.
    The Malathion vapour as well as killing insects that cross the sprayed area also repels them.
    The insects walk around the edges of the room using the feelers on their heads in the dark If you see a roach in the middle of a room it is probably dying
    Malathion will kill blattella germanica and the large periplaneta americana
    If you still see roaches after this application then the whole area should be cleaned and vacuumed then sprayed. Close all windows and spray under closed doors then leave ther apartment for 3-4 hours.
    In your case you need to also put mesh plugs to fit over all drain outlets and sinks. Pour (a lot) of bleach into the drains and sinks. This creates a chlorine gas that will kill insects and repel them also.

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    Curious, what ended up happening with your situation in the end?

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