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Begging Family, touring HK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckster007
    It was very surprising to see a white 20's dude with a sign begging for money for travelling in the bridge over the roundabout in Chai Wan this was a few months ago but its still quite rare to see any white folks in Chai Wan Area unless they have a local partner
    Karma works in very efficient ways....
    In his past life, he was probably in the slave trade..
    Maybe in the opium trade...

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    Quote Originally Posted by imparanoic
    is the E-golf decent?, i have a 2013 mk 7 1.4tsi golf and it's so far decent, but eventually when it's olderm probably around 2022-23, probably buy a new car, while there is no mk8 e-golf, the VW new range of ID all electric cars will have a e-golf sucessor.
    Next time you see me charging in Wah Sum you can take a test drive and see for yourself.
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    If governments routinely pay for visitors who cannot afford their departure tickets and meals, they are encouraging vistors not to be responsible for their travel expenses. All governments will suffer when they let these visitors in. Tourism should be a profit making business, not losing. Not only HK, The most wealthy governments in the world are also not helping such visitors.

    For the quote. Maybe he is not from a developed country, white people are not all from developed countries or the anglophone. Just read today some people mentioned the Old Summer Palace in Beijing was burnt. Seem there are still some anti western sentiments in this part of our world today.

    Quote Originally Posted by RMDNC
    Karma works in very efficient ways....In his past life, he was probably in the slave trade..Maybe in the opium trade...
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