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    Trailing Partner in HK

    My partner (unmarried) landed a job in Hong Kong 7 months ago and i moved in 4 months ago after quitting my job in my country. Being in Hong Kong for the first 2 months was nice. Hong Kong is a fun but it is also bored very quickly.

    It has been a pleasant 2 months without a job since my partner is able to support us both without me needing to get a job here, but it would be nice to start earning my own money again and to be able to support myself again.

    Finding a job in Hong Kong is tougher than I thought it would be. I have been thru thousands of job adverts but almost all of the basic requirement in Cantonese / Mandarin.

    Some of them probably ghosted me out since I do not have a working visa.

    I spend most of time weekday at home trying to stay sane or trying to find a hobby or something to do in Hong Kong, but there are none of it is as enjoying as spending it with a friend. I also started to foster in cat at home to keep my company. He is great but it would also be nice to get to interact with human sometimes.

    Most of my friends here are working and only free on the weekends.

    Are there any trailing partner who are experiencing the same difficulties as i am experiencing now? How do you cope and stay sane?

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    Quite a number of trailing partners get involved in volunteering in different areas - not technically legal, but if it's your hobby, Immigration's not going to hassle you.

    Others study something either by distance education or locally (if the latter, and full time, they can even score themselves a student visa).

    Joining a group like AmCham/ AusCham/ your-nationality-cham-or-equivalent is a good way to network for job opportunities.

    Also lots of English-speaking meetup groups for different interests which have their meetups on weekdays.

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    What visa are you on? Are you in a position to be legally married? If so, that would open up many more options.

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    I am on tourist visa - 90 days. Yes I can be legally married, but i dont foresee to get married just to get a job in Hong Kong. I am also not sure how likely for me to get a job based on dependant visa.

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    I know the situation. It's tough.

    Getting married as a form of a piece of paper that enables you to continue your (meaningful) relationship is worth it. If the relationship isn't meaningful enough to make that formal commitment, then in my opinion, it's not worth it to make the career and social sacrifice you're making.

    What is your industry or interests?