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Rent Increase in Kwai Chung

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    For an extra 12k income a year, unlikely!

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    A little late, but for future reference.

    If you had said you were moving out, the landlord would have been faced with (1) loosing a tenant (2) having a period with no rent being paid as she finds a new tenant (3) having to pay to clean up the flat to attract a new tenant, and (4) having to pay commission to an agent to find a new tenant.

    You would also have had the trouble of having to find a new place to live, pay someone to help you move, and pay agent's commission. At the end you might be able to find a better place, but maybe not, and maybe the rent is the same or less, or more.

    So, the landlord does not really want you to move out; but also knows that you don't really want to move out. But, if you make the landlord think that you will move out, maybe you can get a better deal next time.