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A window servicing and maintenance company has made our window fall out

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    There are commonly available insurance packages for a few K a year, which protect landlords and employers of DHs against negligence and property related liabilities. No excuse not to get insurance.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Gevening
    Dear Fellow Geoexpaters,

    l employed a 'professional' window company to check and maintain our windows in our letted flat so it meets government safety standards. They had sent out two unlicenced therefore illegal and unqualified workmen to do it, but they were careless and made the whole window fall out. l think they were going to replace some hinge, frame or component of the window. The window fell from the 15th floor, luckily no one was injured. The two unlicenced workmen quickly left and their boss told a licenced and qualified workman employee to take their place, he was told to blame us for having an old window in poor condition.
    The police were called up and he maintained his lie. At the end, we got given a case number and the qualified workman finally admitted and said his boss would pay for a new window. The boss also spoke to us and said he would pay us 1000HKD.
    The tenant wants the window repaired immediately. The boss is saying that it will be at least a week, as he has to order a window. Surely they can be put up temporary board? anyway, l want to ask who could l threaten to contact to let them know l am serious, as it must be a serious situation for the company to employ unqualified and unlicenced workers.
    Their names weren't Dellboy and Rodney were they?

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