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Complaint against Office of Licensing Authority - Home Affairs Department

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    Quote Originally Posted by shri
    Does not solve your problem and perhaps causes more problems for people just "doing their jobs". Does it?

    Call the CO and tell him you're being harassed by his officers?
    I wasn't seriously considering posting their photos (should have used an emoji in that post) but I'll see what response I get from the e-mail before escalating or ....

    .... moving on to my next gripe (a research company that refuses to take me off their mailing list in violation of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance). Clearly I have too much spare time on my hands.
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    bdw is online now

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    Quote Originally Posted by traineeinvestor
    I wasted 20 minutes looking at the photos on the website. All of the ones in my area had the wrong outlook or the wrong window designs etc. Also, the map had no locations on our exact location.
    Well, depending on what date range you select will show completely different properties available. I've got a mate who goes to Shanghai one weekend a month, puts his apartment on airbnb for those few nights he is away, the money he gets from airbnb usually covers his airfare and he stays with another friend in Shanghai. So costs him nothing.

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