Handicapped - How can the government help?

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    Handicapped - How can the government help?

    Hi, I am currently working on a community project in school, and am trying to raise awareness of the many different challenges . I am trying to gain some first-hand information, and it would be great if any family members or people with direct experience help answer the following questions:

    1. If you're getting any help from the government in any type of way (financial support, housing priorities, social workers...), what is it and is it helpful in your opinion? If it isn't helpful, then what do you think the government can do to help?

    2. Is it hard for you to go into restaurants, shops, and other locations due to the design of the building? What facilities (...) would you like to see more often to help you?

    3. Is it hard for you to find job opportunities? If yes, then what kind of policies do you think the government or companies should incorporate to help you?

    4. Are there any more challenges that you face everyday? If yes, then can you please explain (briefly) what the challenges are?

    Please help me answer these questions, it would definitely help a lot! You don't need to answer all of them! Thank you so much!

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    There may be some useful info for you here from a previous thread.