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Stuck in a lift?

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    Stuck in a lift?

    Have you ever been stuck in a lift?

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    Quote Originally Posted by East_coast:
    Have you ever been stuck in a lift?

    Yep. I got stuck in a lift with my wife and first son when he he was a toddler... it happened in our apartment block which was about a year old in Eslov, Sweden...

    We called the number on the panel and they said they would send someone from Malmo... we lived about an hour from Malmo so I called 112... the fire dept. were there in about 5 minutes and they smashed the doors open without mercy and pulled us out.
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    Yep, got stuck in one of the rickety things in Lai Chi Kok a while ago. One of the old industrial bulidings converted into offices. Boiling hot, far too many people in the lift and about 4 flights up it went 'Clunk' and stopped. Not a great experience! I now choose my lifts wisely and opt for stairs when possible, certainly getting fitter for it. Stuck for about 15 mins and off it went and opened as if it was groaning that it was just too old to continue.

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    I got trapped in the BEA HQ Lift some time back.

    I got on in the basement to go to the "ground floor" (Which is several steps up from the street level).

    It was seconds away from 17:00 and I didn't feel inclined to hoof it up from the Basement, I'm ancient and getting more frail by the month...... so took the lift which {obligingly} arrived very promptly.

    However, imagine my chagrin when the lift lights almost immediately extinguished after I'd pushed the button for the Ground Floor & I ended up trapped inside this steel box on the First Floor.

    Needless to say I felt most put-upon and immediately hit the "Emergency Button" where I was pretty quickly answered, BUT it took several more minutes before I was "sprung" from my captivity by "Security" and then I scuttled down the escalator to freedom in the city..... minus any "swag" that I might have "acquired" if I had stayed overnight.

    I was triggered to recall how some famous Yank bank robber had remarked that words to the effect that it was "nice to be alone in a bank at night".

    Me? Being separated from my diabetic medicines ain't "nice".

    I wrote to the Bank of East Asia to inquire *why* they would immobilise the lift so quickly after banking hours --> without checking that their were no occupants (like me) trapped inside.

    I never did get any satisfactory answer out of them.

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    No, never. A few lifts scare me, though.

    I've always marveled at the lack of lift accidents (same for escalators). The whole city would come to a halt.

    I guess there is a thankless, invisible functioning government department behind the success (as well as German, Swiss, Japanese engineers).

    If you think about it, next to water and electricity, it's probably the single most important thing that makes HK work.

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    Several times. Once at a place of employment in Ohio in the USA - for about 30 minutes. Another time in an office building in HK, just for about ten minutes. And once in my apartment building in HK, where I was stuck for about 1.5 hours with the management and fire department collaborating on freeing me (or at least on getting it moving).