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Air conditioner vent open or closed?

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    Air conditioner vent open or closed?

    What do you keep yours at and why?

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    Open so the flat isn't a completely sealed unit. Not sure how much it affects the CO2 concentration indoors but every little helps.

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    Depends if the air from the outside smells?

    Only open occasional to refresh stale air.

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    According to this website, it should always be open...

    According to this webiste, they should usually be closed.

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    Think i'll open the vent when using, with windows closed to keep air from becoming stale and close it when not using.

    Happy compromise.

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    I used to have it open...but now closed...and leave a little window open.

    HK design of the flat is such that my air con units face directly opposite the opposite flats aircon and toilet exhaust fan...don't want to risk sucking in covid crap from the opposite unit. Oh, our experts have not mentioned that yet haha