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Divorce initiated by cheating spouse

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    Divorce initiated by cheating spouse

    1. since my sz spouse initiated the divorce papers on 7 June21 and steadfast on getting maximum split (2 audio recordings), will selling of my properties to family@minimum stamp duty rate, 'close relative' status, still be legally done?. please elaborate.
    2. spouse claims right to live in my property, the matrimonial home. l like them out my home.
    3. spouses mobile phone media confirms , cheating, gold digging, is this useful in court?
    4. l do not agree with her groundless claims for 'irretrievable breakdown' , yet l have been given 7 days to send my acknowledgement but every page except 3 pages are in Chinese. So l can't read

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    Get a lawyer involved immediately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by traineeinvestor:
    Get a lawyer involved immediately.
    i vote to close this thread immediately because 100 pages of advice won’t top this and very good luck and best wishes to OP