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Lost wallet in taxi - Charge to radio broadcast?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shri;[URL="tel:3846233":

    One thing.. 99% or higher chance that the wallet will be emptied - either by the driver or a passenger. If that is an issue..
    That estimate is a bit high for someone who seems to handle probability well, isn’t it?. I lost my wallet back in November on my way to the MTR, this is the street, and received a call from the police station, two days after the incident, to pick it up. It was not only the money (~$2,000) but the ID and credit cards which worried me. The wallet was intact. I would not think I was among the lucky 1% in that estimate.
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    I always ask for a receipt that way you have the taxi no. However on the one occasion when I needed to get in touch with the taxi company regarding a lost passport aaaaaaah the receipt was a bit torn and didn't have the taxi no on it

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    the wallet is usually found by the next passenger, now that dodgy person can either hand it over to the dodgy driver and hope he/she hands it off the police station (not usually) or the passenger decides to hand it the police station or takes the money and dumps the wallet into the nearest rubbish bin.

    A friend left her latest iphone pro max in a taxi last week, she only realized it after a while and then frantically started calling her own phone, luckily it was picked up by the next passenger who told her where they were and she went to pick it up. It could have been a costly 10K mistake lol

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