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Supermarket pricing is getting annoying

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    I don't find them particularly good either. Actually packaged cakes and such require more additives to keep them moist and spongy. I bake them most of the time or purchase them in artisan bakery .

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    So online supermarket ordering has become a joke now. I placed a Park n Shop order back on Feb 18 and was surprised that the delivery date was indicated as Feb 24. After I placed the order, I received a confirmation email that indicated a delivery date of March 3!

    I contact customer service to request for the order to be cancelled, to which no one replied.
    Sure enough, the delivery arrived today with only 1/3 of the items (mainly the unnecessary stuff that I only ordered to get over the $500 min for free delivery). They even had the cheek to charge the delivery fee since the total had dropped to ~$200.

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