Christmas lunch in Shenzhen?

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    Christmas lunch in Shenzhen?

    Can anybody help me?

    Anywhere serving traditional Christmas lunch/dinner in Shenzhen?

    Need the turkey, the stuffing etc.



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    Check with the big hotels. I am sure the Shangri-La does Christmas Lunch.

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    Last year I had a heck of a time trying to get the Christmas lunch I wanted on the mainland. Hotel after hotel, restaurant after restaurant - they all offered a special, festive meal, but not exactly what I wanted.

    In the end I expressed my disappointment over this matter (in the most charming way I could) to a receptionist at a run-of-the-mill 3-star hotel and she immediately called someone to take me into the manager's office, where someone else gave me a cup of tea whilst yet another person scurried off to find the manager. Within a minute the manager appeared and it seemed he had already been briefed by the staff as he was accompanied by the hotel's head chef.

    So, I got a chance to sit down with the head chef and discuss the details of the meal that I wanted. Lunch for two, turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, roast potatoes etc., with Christmas pudding to finish. The final result was a pretty good lunch. Almost spot-on, in fact. And a good bit less expensive than the offerings at the 5-star hotels or the higher-end 'foreigner' restaurants.

    That was in Guangzhou, but I think it's typical of the accommodating attitude of hotel staff that I have found all over China (including Shenzhen). If you are really having a hard time getting exactly what you want, then I think you could do worse than to explain this to a restaurant or hotel manager and see if they can arrange something special for you.

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    I am sure the Crown Plaza Hotel on Shennan Lui ( rd ), Nanshan District (near Window of the World ), will have a Christmas lunch/ dinner spread.

    Also, quiet a few restaurants in Shekou will also be offering something as they generally do, especially if you like a German traditional Christmas lunch/dinner........ Quite a big German population in Shekou....

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