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Dragon Boat Festival

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peaky:
    Won't be nearly as busy as in the good old days... far fewer teams competing and a much smaller event overall. Training only started a few weeks back and I'm not sure Stanley have even received police clearance for the event yet.

    Well worth coming down and making a day of it.

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    Hmmm! I have been here in HK for around 46 years, and have never bestirred myself to fight my way through crowds to watch "Dragon Boat Racing" at any time.

    Such was the disinterest that I had then, and still have now, in this once a year "sport".

    Regrets? - I have a few: like "exploring" some sites that I would be <now> reckless to get to at age 81.5 y.o.

    Just can't get the sedan chairs for hire these days.

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    That’s exactly how I feel about the HK Sevens. Fantastic when your business conference in Asia finishes to time up with the 7s. I went 4 times before I moved here permanently. Living here it’s just a pain in the backside and I’ve gone as a host once. BUT a resumption of the 7s (will it be new stadium?) will be more than welcome for the benefit of HKs bars, restaurants, hospitality etc and the familiar touts on the Lockhart/Luard junction.

    The annual conference was deliberately moved in the end. The carnage of long lunches, missed flights, missed meetings, calls etc just became too much. I could never establish if it was our industry or the Hedge Fund conf that effectively ruined a room at Shangri-La destined for a wedding reception the following day. That would have been in the late 2000s

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