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Kindhearted Hongkongers, thank you!

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    Talking Kindhearted Hongkongers, thank you!

    Hongkongers are kind and helpful, and I just got another experience of just how much so.

    I was walking towards bus stop in Tai Wai this morning without paying attention to uneven tiles, and wham! there I went full flat down the pavement. Before I could even start assessing the damage, I was swarmed by people ready and willing to help. Several women were asking after my wellbeing, telling me to sit down, did I need ambulance etc.

    After I'd ascertained myself I was still in one functioning piece, I tried to get up and was immediately supported and hoisted to my feet by several passers-by. Everyone was checking me for injuries. One lady was digging into her bag for band-aids. I felt so truly cared-for I wasn't even embarrassed about my faceplant.

    At this point I noticed a police car slowing down next to us, but they were probably just concerned about a group of people assembled together...

    A big shout out of thanks and appreciation for the loving caring wonderful people of Hong Kong ❤️

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    Sai Kung

    I’ve also experienced before and it is a wonderful attribute for all the moaning we sometimes (often) post on here re locals.

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    That’s really nice! I remember once slipping and falling and being met by a man (I assume as I could only see his shoes from the floor) who only managed to say “uh-oh” and went about his day.

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