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What's the scam?

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    What's the scam?

    I got this WhatsApp message from a Mexican number. I'm pretty sure it's a scam, but what is it? Would I need to pass on my bank account details, or download an app which then takes my personal data, or what? Also, while I have a LinkedIn profile, I do not use the other two sites listed.

    Hi there, we've taken notice of your work experiences and resume listed on multiple online agencies such as LinkedIn, JobsDB & HK Indeed. We're keen to offer you something on a part time basis that you could do in your free time. The daily wage could go as high as up to HKD1000-3000/day. Not only this but we will settle all wages on the day itself. If your keen to take up the offer, please click the link below for more information. If your using an android device reply "1" to subscribe.

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    I think some company has had a data breach with a list of their English speaking clients / customers. Many people I know have received this message, or variants thereof, often from a foreign number.

    I decided to bite to understand more about it. Basically they ask you to like/comment on Youtube and Instagram videos and FPS you $50 per task. Eventually they ask you for money to "upgrade" your account. I blocked them when they asked for that.

    It seems to be a mix of two scams:
    - creating fake engagement on social media accounts which are then monetised as influencer accounts.
    - some kind of advance fee scam

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    I got this a couple weeks ago

    Your VIP ID:VXIO02S6
    Hi, I am an official direct recruiter of Capgemini, by reviewing your resume, here is a perfect job for you, if you are interested, please contact our manager by clicking the Whatsapp link, thanks!

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    I think that they’re targeting random numbers. Those to target you, often address you by name when they’re telephoning you. In my case, telecom for the usual subscriptions.

    I have received a similar text too. Just blocked and deleted as usual. That was before a few tv stations broadcast about how others were scammed $ by convincing there’s easy $ to be earned.