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    DVD Players...

    Well it seems the DVD player's which came along with my so called "furnished apartment" does'nt work...and I thought I was lucky to have a TV and DVD thrown in as part of the apt lease...

    TV has no remote - huge bummer and now this ...

    Folks ..

    Where can I get a decent DVD player? TST, Wan Chai, Fortress chain? I am not going for the best in the market but am looking at something which is a good model/brand and I can use over the next 1 yr... Dump it when i move...

    Any suggestions???

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    Check classified ads on this site selling DVD players. If you check you'll see it! <<<

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    Where else could I buy a player?

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    even Watsons sells DVD players now

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    HK $200-$500 in Ap Liu Street or other areas in Mongkok.

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    Go to Wanchai or Sum Shui Poh, you'll find the electronics near their computer centres. In there you can get extremely cheap players as KnowItAll mentioned, plus the china brands are the ones that can play anything, nomatter if its an original disc, or not, or a cd too scratched to play on other machines. Personal Suggestion, pick the ones with two laser lenses, one is design to play vcd and cd, the other for dvd. You might like it so much you'll even bring it back home with you.

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    >> pick the ones with two laser lenses, one is design to play vcd and cd, the other for dvd.

    How do i know about this ? Please explain more ?

    My experience on dvd players is not good.
    Previous China brand failed to read dics after just 2-3 months,
    then exchange a new player at the dealer was the same, again failed to read dics after 2-3 months.

    Now i am using another China brand,
    but on some USA dvds, it hangs after playing a while.

    People also advise me that expensive Japanese models may be more durable on reading dics, but cannot read all dics like those China brands. Is it true ?

    If i play cd, mp3 and dvd on the same dvd player daily ,
    is it good ?

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    Went to Wan Chai yesterday -- was quite disappointed as the Computer mall which didnt have any DVD players, I just couldnt find any place with a lot of stores selling players.

    Was directed to go to Times Square which I did - but they just have all the branded stuff ranging from 600 + onwards. That too I would have picked up had it not been for the very rude attitude of a couple of store people...

    Planning to head to Sham Shui Po today though ....

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    BBK & Daewoo are the most popular players at the moment. They cost $300 - $600. These brands play any discs regular or bootleg from any region.
    I do not recommend stuff sold on Ap Liu as there have recently been several cases of these units short circuiting.

    The best place to look for players is Mongkok.