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Hong Kong Postal Address service

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    Hong Kong Postal Address service

    Hello Everyone,

    Due to job Termination, I have to move out of Hong Kong in October to my native city in India.

    Unfortunately I will be getting very important mails by post in coming months by HK Courts.

    Please advise if any postal address services in Hong Kong to receive on my behalf and notify to me on receiving the posts.

    Appreciate your help and suggestions.

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    Feb 2021

    Locally you can, but you do need address proof for the Despatch office of your district. Call them to see how much they charge for forwarding to India and what to do if you’re back here again for pick up.

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    You need address proof from previous address, not from new address. Can redirect to local address (friend/some office/any official service offering this) for up to 15 months. Note redirection is not immediate, takes 5-7 days to process.
    And maybe check with post office for some authorisation form for your friend if you need to get signed correspondence.

    Edit: seems they can redirect to overseas too but you'll be charged for each letter when receiving it. I wouldn't do that unless absolutely no local options.

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    There are few players in the market i think... Normally simple cheap plan involves receiving mail and sending alert, opening/scanning and sending by email costs extra per mail or if most mail are important enough to be opened and sent by email, choose higher plan and so on..

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