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I find it pretty good, yeah some are not maintained properly but it also depends on what time they cleaned it. If it's around lunch time it is usually super dirty. We have construction (probably one of HK biggest project) workers nearby and they usually leave a mess.

You also need to strategize it, for example in IFC the ground floor ones are always busy, better go up to 1st and second floor.

Most office buildings have share toilets, by law they need to keep the handicap one open so that's another option.

Even a lot of hotels have outside toilets, just pretend you want to go to the buffet and have a stop first, they're usually pristine.

I have a list in my head of clean toilets. For those complaining about the toilet paper being outside, I always carry a small packet of wet wipes they sell in 711/CK, very useful during hikes!
Wet wipes aren't degradable. Do you mean tissues? Still annoying, those times you happen to not have any with you. Still think this is a silly wah to be stengy.

In Europe, I do have a better "feeling" that toilets are cleaner, no one pisses on seats, generally don't see an "accidental" shit on seats either. But it does irk me that there are charges. It's a bodily function, like breathing, the places running the buildings need to factor it into their operational costs and not try to create a system to get more money. And when you need to go, you need to go. About half the time, I don't have change, or the credit card machine doesn't work, or my type of card isn't accepted, etc etc. So I really do appreciate in Hong Kong it's a free service offered everywhere. (And also fuck Europe for charging for tap water at restaurants, it's all like a fine for being human...)