While we're on the topic... we are also looking at options in Sheung Yeung and Ha Yeung in Clearwater Bay. Previous threads have bemoaned the transport along this road. Specifically that it is extremely difficult to get a space on a minibus at peak times or weekends (particularly in the villages closer to the Hang Hau roundabout). Is this still the case?

I see there is a 91S bus which runs three times in the early morning - surely this helps to alleviate the situation on the way to Hang Hau? On the way back from HK Island, is it really that hard to pick up a minibus from Hang Hau or TKO between 6 and 7pm?

We will be getting a car, so I could do park and ride in Hang Hau if the bus situation really is that dire. But would obviously prefer to save the cash.