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Where to play Go (board game) in Hong Kong?

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    Where to play Go (board game) in Hong Kong?

    It seems absurd but I have been unable to find any info on the web about where the regular places are that people (locals or expats) meet to play Go in Hong Kong. The main Hong Kong Go website only has information in Chinese. Does anyone know of any cafes / parks / street corners where one can play Go?

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    After 15 years in HongKong, I dont think I've ever seen the game played regularly in any outdoor venues (like you see Chess played in many cities).

    However, I know that the city is full of Go clubs where people join to play and learn in a very nice environment. Perhaps you should consider joining one of these clubs...At the very least, drop in and ask; they should be able to point you to the right place.

    I know of 2 clubs in Causeway bay. I pass one of them on a weekly basis. The interior is large and usually full of people sitting and playing intently in a clean and nice environment. I know they speak English as I've been inside and enquired about lessons. Drop in and ask them.
    I'm sorry, I dont know the name of the place but its located on the corner of Haven & Leighton. If you get to that corner, you cant miss it - the place is covered with Go posters.