Does everything close during Chinese NY?

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    Does everything close during Chinese NY?

    Does anyone know how many days shops close for in HK during the Chinese New Year?

    Also cinemas, restaurants, and other entertainment venues. Do they close also?

    What about services like GP's, dentists, optometrists, etc


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    Mike, CNY is generally a time of year that privately owned businesses are likely to close for a few days, beginning the the evening of the 25th of January...

    Larger corporately owned businesses will generally be open, but if the general economy is in poor shape, more private businesses will remain open, than if its been a boomer previous year..

    If you need hardware bits n pieces I suggest you get that stuff before the 25th of January, or you might have to wait a few days, until they resume...

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    Most shops will have a notice up giving opening hours. Many are closed on the first day. Some small neighbourhood shops will close and only open again on the first auspicious day - signs on the shutters will give the day of the lunar calender (not the western one) in Chinese.

    Cinemas, restaurants will be open. A few restaurants may close, but they are the rarity.

    Places which close on other public holidays will also be closed over CNY. This would include private doctors, physios, dentists, etc.

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    Thanks guys