Yet another Accomadation Question

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    Yet another Accomadation Question

    I’d just like to ask if anyone knows of nice accommodation in a quieter area under say 15000/ 17500 a month that’s an easy commute to Cathay city. Don’t care for Tung Chung or DB to sterile for us. We have been looking at south Lantau but many of the villages/ Houses are run down.



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    what about Tuen Mun?

    If you want a more 'Chinese' experience, what about Tuen Mun? There is a 15 min. ferry service to Tung Chung ($15.00 every 1/2 hr from about 530am to 2300pm (approx) with buses onward to Cathay City. There are some nice apt. complexes here, and if you want more expat stuff, Gold Coast is nearby too. I would think flats are generally much cheaper here that Lantau. (Gold Coast excluded)