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Day one in Hong Kong - mattress issues

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    Day one in Hong Kong - mattress issues

    Hi - just arrived in Hong Kong (today) on an initial 3 month contract. My company has put me up in a serviced apartment but without even spending a jetlagged night on the bed i know that we wont be able to sleep on it. The people that run the apartment wont change it as they think its fine - its not, i've slept on softer floors!! Does anyone have a proper mattress they want to sell me? If not does anone know where i can buy a memory foam type mattress to put on top. If not keep an eye out for me in town - i'll be the one wearing fred perry and carrier bags under my eyes...

    If i sound desperate its because i am!

    Oh..and happy new year

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    In Asia specifically HK & China the preference is form firm/stiff mattresses.

    Foam padding and/or softer mattresses can be bought at Wing On, Jusco, Airland, IKEA, Price Rite

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    I bought a foam topper at Wing-On for about $USD300. It does help, but I still don't sleep like I did on my mattress back home.
    You can pick up a 'western-style' mattress (Sealy, Simmons, etc) at Wing-On also but it'll run you quite a lot ... about $1500-2500 for best quality. Guess it depends what a good night sleep is worth, right?
    Good luck

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    you can buy high quality mattress which is both soft and comfortable from ikea at HK$400 to HK$1800

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    We got one of the Ikea mattress pads for the hard-as-steel mattress that was in our apt. No, it's not the greatest, but it works and is comfortable enough. Didn't set us back too much either. Only thing is it will take them a few days to deliver, especially around this time of year.

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    +1 on the memory foam mattress topper from Wing On. I have gone from waking up every morning with back pain to eight wonderful hours every night, with this simple purchase.

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    If you like a softer mattress, you basically have 3 options

    1. latex core
    2. visco memory foam.
    3. Or you take a spring mattress with a soft pocket spring with 5 to 7 zones, covered off with a couple of cm's of soft density foam or memory foam (2 cm thick for example).

    If you are all of softness, then memory foam or latex should do the trick. Do you have back problems, option 3 might worker better for you. Don't look at the design, but at the composition. Better is always to lay on it before you buy it of course Good luck!

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    thanks for the advice - just got a thick foam mattress pad from Ikea (Sultan if anyone else is in the same predicament) - was $899 but its much more comfortable than what we had so its a small price to pay! Oh - and i took it away with me so no waiting for delivery.

    thanks again

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