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    Smile WANTED- Heavy metal bassist

    Hello there, I am looking for a bassist for our band, Dark Flame. At the moment, we're doing covers of Metallica and we need a temporary (and just maybe, permanent) bassist. Our band mostly covers songs within the heavy metal genre, like Metallica. We've only started jamming just recently, and all of us have only just started playing for a little more than a year. It would be cool to have a bassist, because currently, we only have a drummer, lead guitarist and rhythm guitarist.

    So if you're interested, maybe you could first see if these things apply to you, just so we know that our band and you would be compatible. That's one thing, we wouldn't want any drama in the band, we just meet up to have fun jamming. Maybe even start writing songs.

    So anyway, the things you may apply to yourself:
    -Beginner at bass (more preferred, cus we only just started ourselves)
    -Strong interest in heavy metal especially (other genres, we'll decide later...)
    -Someone within our age, most preferably 13-16

    If you're interested, message me . Ask your friends if they may be interested as well


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    The last criteria rules me out (30 y old)...else I could have join you guys (although I have a bit more than a year practice).

    Anyway glad to see that some 13/16 y old are still listening to the good stuffs!

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    Hey dude i play bass and i am around ur age and i play drums 2 but i am already in a band Called CJAIR.And i guess no turning back now coz we just released our first album and we have a record label.

    Sorry Bro ,

    From Rohan