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    Talking BaNzAi TymE!!!

    After reading the thread about HK etiquite, I thought this could be fun!! - (if u know Banzai of course!)

    ~~~ The Hong Kong Walk in a wobbly line and bounce you out of the way wager~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok - how many times did you walk in a straight line today only to see somebody (walking diagonally) coming closer and closer and thinking 'they must be able to see me, they must be able to see me!' But then BANG!... Hmmm they didn't see me?!

    Answers please....... place your bets now!!!!

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    I've had that happen with a light pole. The dumbarse thingy just refused to get out of my way. I can swear it saw me from about 100 meters away.