What will they think of next??

From http://www.scmp.com/topnews/ZZZGBBOXMBD.html

In your sterotypical fashion, one pakistani was caught, so they now suspect even Indians are being smuggled in.

The migrants curl up inside large suitcases and are wheeled across the Lowu border from Shenzhen by smugglers recruited at the border for $500 a trip, sources have told the South China Morning Post.
Scores of illegal immigrants are believed to have been smuggled into Hong Kong by a syndicate operating out of Shenzhen, and dealing mostly with Indian and Pakistani nationals who arrive on the mainland on tourist visas. They pay between US$250 and US$300 (HK$1,950 and HK$2,340) to be smuggled across the border, usually at peak times when there are large crowds and Customs officers are less likely to check luggage.

The Post discovered the syndicate's activities after a 24-year-old Pakistani was jailed for 18 months last month after being found inside a suitcase being carried across the border at Lowu.