Complaints to labour department

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    Complaints to labour department

    I am a western expat employer. And let me say upfront I am a dog-lover. I've always had them as pets (except for the last 6yrs while I've been living the expat life). My current helper came to me after spending 4 years with a chinese family who own a nasty dog (who knew beagles could do so much damage). My helper has terrible scars on her arms and abdomen from the 4 years she spent working for this employer. She didn't get proper treatment and keloid scars have formed. She has not sought compensation. She was just glad to find a new job and get out.

    Recently the new helper (who has been with the employer less than a year) was attacked by the dog in the lift. She suffered terrible bites to her limbs and abdomen. The employer terminated her contract within a week of the attack and refuses to pay her medical expenses. This was her first job in HK. She has managed to find a new job and is desperate to get on and pay back the debt she owes to the agency.

    The employer has 6 month old twins in the house with this dog (which being a mother of 9 month old twins I just cannot understand) and shows every indication that she will just keep employing helpers and terminating them when the dog attacks them or they ask for medical treatment.

    Is there any recourse for the helpers that have been injured by this dog? Is there some way to protect other helpers being attacked and disfigured or worse?

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    Talk to Helpers for Domestic Helpers. They will advise on the best course.