The Chinese government has apparently moved to block YouTube once again.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the government began blocking the site slowly over the past 24 hours. Quoting a Google spokesman, the Journal reported that the company has not been given a reason for the ban.

A Chinese official was asked about the ban during a press conference on Tuesday and said the "Chinese government has taken up management of the network according to the laws," the Journal reported.

"YouTube has been blocked in China," Google said in a statement. "We don't know the reason for the blockage, and we're working to restore access to our users in China."

By now, YouTube and parent company Google should be expert at handling international crises. Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, and Thailand are among the countries that have cut off access to the Web's largest video site. Most of the countries have eventually brought it back.

A year ago, China blocked YouTube in an apparent attempt to prevent the outside world from anti-government protesters clashing with police inside Tibet. China eventually unblocked YouTube.

I heard from some friends that the reason China ban YouTube is due to one of the video ( ) uploading by some user shows some PLA beating up Tibet monks. China government claims that the video is a fake and immediately ban YouTube to prevent people living in Mainland from watching the video.