Impressions of Earth Hour 2009

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    Quote Originally Posted by UK/HKboy:
    secondly, why at 8:30 pm when it is dark?
    I think you missed the point. Don't worry, you were not alone - I had a friend call me up asking "Are they turning off the electricity at 8.30 tonight?", wondering if the lifts would still work.

    I turned off my lights. Of the (about) 100 apartments I could see from my apartment, only 5 or 6 had their lights off. There were pop-up ads on StarWorld after 8.30 reminding people of Earth Hour.

    I was in a taxi from HK East to Central at about 9pm and would say there were hardly any residential lights off. The business buildings in darkness in Central was very noticeable though - very dark.
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    Lights out

    Well, you could say it worked in parts of the Philippines. I was talking to my wife on Skype at 8pm Saturday and she was telling me, rumor has it that the power was going to go off for an hour at 8:30. I told her that it was strickly voluntary and not to worry, but just in case we would get off the computers at 8:25 to do our share.

    Well, leave it to the Philippine power company. At 8:15, she drops off of Skype, so I called her on her cell phone and she said the power was off in the whole area. Did not come back on until 11:30pm. I guess they made up for a couple of towns some where.

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    Our son was really excited and insisted we switch off all the lights. Poor guy he went out on the balcony and noticed all our neighbours had their lights on, and was so upset.