Lamma Island: Whats the real deal?

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    Wink Lamma Island: Whats the real deal?

    So, can anyone tell me what the story is with Lamma? As far as i can tell from guidebooks and the like, its strangley rural, yet favoured by europeans for its 'quiet ambience'. Some of the threads on this forum seem to suggest its a little hippie island, i'm intrigued...

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    It is a little bit of everything ... with fairly easy access to HK island. To be honest, all the stories you've heard about Lamma .. probably have an element of truth in them.

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    Well I live there currently. IMHO the downside of Lamma Island is the overabundance of Gwailo's, who seem to have nothing better to do then hang out in bars on the main street all day. But once you go to the villages, your surrounded by nature and tranquility, and have a much nicer atmosphere. The convenience of being close to central (20 minutes by fast ferry) and the peaceful surrounding is what attracts most people here I bet.

    Keep in mind I'm not picking on all foreigners in Lamma here (I'm one myself), just on the drunken crowd sometimes.

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    Lamma has largely lost the "hippy" tag since the 1997 handover with backpackers no longer being allowed to do the types of jobs necessary to fund a hippy lifestyle & the big construction projects, (the airport & convention centre) are finished.
    Foreign residents on Lamma nowadays are more likely to work for a multinational in an office in Central rather than behind a bar in Wanchai. There is the odd relic of Lammas past such as "Nick the bookman" who sells second hand paperbacks on the street but he is the exception now rather than the rule.
    Despite Gatts opinion I think there are very few people who either want to or can hang out in bars all day, apart from the weekend when the island is crowded, (especially in the summer) Lamma can be positively sleepy, many businesses rarely open during the week but this can still be the best time to visit as the beaches, (Lamma has a couple of great beaches) are quiet.
    IMO Lamma is still one of the nicest places to visit in Hong Kong

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    Can I ask...I've heard that there are quite a few beach rave parties et al that go about Lamma in the summer....Does this still happen? Also...[possibly a ridiculous question] does Lamma have nice beaches?

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    Not friggin' Lamma no more!

    Lamma has nice beaches on the west side (away from HK island). Two of them have lifeguards etc and the rest are open. The cleanliness depends on how the tides and currents have affected the rubbish in the water.
    You missed an all night rave beach party the weekend before last! I don't know how you hear about them.

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    Nooo!! Lammarite, if you hear any news about one up and coming drop me a wire, electronically poke me really hard please. Would be muchly appreciated, i'm so curious, just sounds soo un- HK!

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    Hi, if you are interested in Lamma Island, you may read the thread "Moving to Hong Kong --- Mid Levels or Lamma Island" in the forum. I taked about Park Island, which can be regarded as a modern version of Lamma, with almost all benefits of the nature being retained in a well-planned suburban housing estate. There's another thread about Park Island if you like to know more.