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    Moving Company from HK to Syndey


    Could somebody please recommend a nice moving company to me for moving from HK to Sydney. I already have to quotations:
    1) Baltrans Moving: seems a little bit too unprofessional
    2) Allied Pickfords: great, but too expensive, I can not afford

    Does anyone know something in between: great company, good service, but not quite as expensive as Allied Pickfords?

    Thanks a lot!

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    yeah ive noticed pickfords are great when you're not paying the bill.
    checkout the links at the bottom of this thread

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    When we moved we had to get three quotes (Including Allied which I have used in the past and they are not worht the huge difference in cost!) and ended up going with the middle priced guys - Toll Global Forwarding Ltd.

    It was a good choice as they packed most our items safely, including a flat screen TV and computer and I didn't have to put in an insurance claim (although they did manage to break two plates - acceptable damage in my book given the last three moves have been much more costly!).

    Just make sure that you get the name and contact of the company in the country you are moving to because they stuffed up and posted a delivery confirmation to our new address (which we had not yet arrived at) and if I hadn't followed up then everything would have just turned up at the address when we were not there. Nothing to do with Bal, I totally blame the poor pathetic customer service of the local delivery company!

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    Hi Oze Kid - I hope you don't mind my following up so long after the last post on this thread. I'm looking for a moving company.

    I couldn't help but notice that you posted twice, using the same wording but in one you mentioned Baltrans and one the Toll Global Co. Which moving company was it then? Or have they changed name?

    Thanks for your help.

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    You might want to try Crown relocations as well. I've used them twice from Sydney to HK and they have been great. I used another company from HK to Sydney but can't remember the contact. In both cases, it was self funded.

    The major firms tend to have their own offices in both locations and it is a lot easier.

    One alternative is to find a company you are comfortable with in Sydney and ask them to recommend a handling agent in HK. Kent removals, OSS Worldwide and Wridgeways are some of the names worth considering. Kent and OSS tend to be fairly reasonable and wridgeways is a hit or miss on price.

    Cheers, Derek