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    Planet Yoga

    Planning to sign for a membership in Planet Yoga. Anyone could advice what shall I REALLY pay and if it's a good place to do the classes?

    Thanks a lot

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    I was offered $622 a month for 12 months a few months back. I instead bought a pack of 20 lessons (a bit pricier)

    wide variety of classes,
    many classes on throughout the day

    class size, instructors are good and nice but with so many people you do not get individual attention
    need to book a few days in advance if you want an evening weekday class and even then you aren't assured of getting in
    water pressure in the showers is too weak.

    I would advise you to do the rounds of all the different yoga places (if you haven't already done so)

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    planet yoga is in the news today-

    people protested that planet yoga reneged on customer's contract i.e. customers paid top dollars for a certain class and it never materialized.

    planet yoga claims that the class has been dropped and alternatives are provided.

    customers want their money back and of course planet yoga is not available for comment.

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    Planet Yoga are also the chain who took over from Bikram Yoga when the owner legged it. PY then refused to offer refunds even though the yoga classes could not be regarded as "hot" yoga in the same sense that BY was. Some customers called the Police in and got refunds but most were not so lucky. A dodgy establishment if ever there was.

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    u might consider Pure Yoga. Think things cant go wrong with them.Perhaps more expensive than the countless other studios, but vast range of teachers and top locations. Few weeks ago there was an article in scmp about the founder, .pretty positive. Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Konstancia:
    Planning to sign for a membership in Planet Yoga. Anyone could advice what shall I REALLY pay and if it's a good place to do the classes?

    Thanks a lot
    Think first how many times a week/month yur sked allows to, then talk to your yoga angel in PY, they have a package which base on how many times a month u can. Yes it's their location is very accesible for me hehehehe..Been with PY for 3yrs and i'm doin it like everyday.

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    Thumbs down Be Warned About Planet Yoga!

    I was first offered a contract for 12 months for $688 per month. Technically it would have been 14 months since you can't cancel before 12 months and you have to pay for the last two months in advance as deposit and you don't get the money back, you just have to continue going there for two months after you cancel. On top of that, there's a joining fee and administration fee so everything added up to $2300 that I had to pay. Since it was the only option, I signed the contract.
    While I was waiting for the temporary membership card, another guy came out with another contract. The second contract was for $4800 that I would pay up front and then my membership would last for 18 months. And there would be no monthly payments. So, I did the math, and decided to sign the second contract. Of course, before I signed the second contract, I asked them whether they tore up the first contract because obviously I don't want to be paying for both contracts. They assured me that they tore up the first one. And I signed.
    After waiting another long while, they come back and tell me that my credit card didnt' go through. I was already getting suspicious of the place and was relieved the the card didn't go through. I left saying I was in a rush. I went home and checked my online banking page and noticed that Planet Yoga had deducted $2300 from my account!
    I called them and told them about it asking for an immediate refund for an amount that should not have been deducted since the first contract was void. They refused to refund me saying I had signed a contract that stated my money was non-refundable. I told them they had lied to me about ripping up the first contract. They then said they had the contracts with my signatures.
    In the end, I had to cancel my card so that the payment wouldn't go through.
    Planet Yoga is a shady joint after your money! Don't fall for their relentless marketing/sales/scamming tactics.