how much for utilities per month?

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    in my home

    how much for utilities per month?

    so i think i have deicided on an apartment...

    it overlooks a cricket field.....
    its 880 sq ft.
    in tsim sha tsui east i think....or maybe just tsim sha tsui
    i can also see HK mountains and some of skyline....

    it is 1 bedroom....with a very nice layout...
    wood floors

    its about 9000 including management fees and govt fees....
    if i want furniture it will be 10000.....

    my question is:

    how much would water be per month?
    how much for electricity per month?
    how much for TV and Internet per month?

    also how much do you think i will spend to furnish the place?
    i will need dressers, bed, shelves, couch, mattress.....etc etc etc

    just want to be sure i can manage the price....
    i am planning on being here for at least 1 year...maybe more....

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    I checked that site out and it may not be that accurate for you...

    assuming its just you living there, and the size of the flat my guess would be:

    water approx $150 / month?
    electricity approx $200 / month (up to $500 / month in summer)
    cable tv anywhere from $150 - $250 month (plus any extra channels. lucky you live next to the cricket field: world cricket live alone is $300 / month!!)
    internet around $200 / month
    phone around $200 / month plus international calls

    As for furnishing the place, it really depends how much you're willing to spend. My guess would be 15-20k to do a decent job, just visit the local Ikea with all the other expats on a Saturday afternoon and see what fits into your budget.

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    >> electricity approx $200 / month (up to $500 / month in summer)

    Depends on the size of the flat and the appliances in use to be honest. I'd budget for $1 / sq foot during summers.

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    Water @ 150 / month sounds out of whack too

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    Water is $20-40 per month. Gas depends on whether you are using it to heat water and cook, if so, up to a couple of hundred a month.

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    Hong Kong now!!

    We just got our first HK Electric bill and the first month was 1768.62 and our advertized size is about 1100 sq ft. Seems higher than your $1 per sq ft estimate KIA... could it be because we keep our air con on all day and most other people don't?

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    Aircons certainly use plenty of energy. Most split cons have a timer, so no need to keep it working the whole day...

    For furniture: The Hong Kong answer to IKEA is Pricerite. I have to say they have at least some nice stuff. And their service is outstanding... When you spend more than 1500 HK$, they deliver and build it up for free.

    Since I m quite tall, I needed some tailor made furniture, a bed and a desk: Perfect service from Jade Rattan... A girl came to my flat and measured everthing, she stayed for nearly 2 hours I guess. And for both - bed and desk - it was not more than 5k I guess.

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    This month...

    Electricity: $2,175
    Gas: $690
    Phone: $110
    Internet: $154 (broadband netvigator - unlimited usage)
    water: ???

    1090 sqft apt...

    we are sucking up the electricity these days...