NBA finals/Superbowl where do Americans go?

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    NBA finals/Superbowl where do Americans go?

    Where do Americans go to watch big American sporting events? Does everyone just watch it at home? Maybe there's a tradition of watching it at the American Club? Just curious since NBA finals is coming up and I'm moving back in 3 weeks time.

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    In da Uk? Hey, wha happen?

    Although it's quite unlike me, I'll skip the smart arse answers, since I'm sure you mean "in Hong Kong."

    Good question. I'm not much of a sports fan, but my experience here is that most pubs/bars/restaurants show lots of football/soccer, rugby and cricket. I have seen US sports on TV at Dan Ryan's, and a few weeks ago in Lan Kwai Fong I walked by a bar that was showing hockey, although it looked like Canadian teams.

    I have found I enjoy watching Rugby. It's probably just because I don't know anything about the players. I'll be fine until someone shows me that rugby players are monumentally spoiled, egotistical twats like all the rest. For now I'm happy in my ignorance.