Shipping to UK

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    Shipping to UK

    Hi folks,

    Another chumpy question...

    Any rough ideas as to how much it would cost to ship the contents of a 2-bedroom flat back to the UK from Hong Kong?

    We're talking a sofa, an armchair, two flat-pack ikea beds, a table, two chairs, a widescreen tv, etc.

    Any idea of cost? Are we talking £100, £1000, £10,000?


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    Cost me 1000 pounds to ship from BJ - HK end of last year for around the same volume...

    Was told that a lot of the cost is actually the loading and unloading so obviously would be more back to UK but perhaps not a HUGE amount more...

    Try Links relocations if you want a mid range cost ( no where near the cost of Santa Fe, Tigers etc...)