Having a SMALL wedding in HK

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    Having a SMALL wedding in HK

    Hi all,

    I've read through all the posts here, and still haven't quite found what I'm looking for.

    Planning a very small, relatively informal wedding party for 35-40 people (maximum). And when I say informal, I mean it is NOT going to be any kind of big banquet, and no church, and none of those fancy trimmings, not even any bridesmaids or anything! The civil celebrant will come to wherever we do it, and then we just party!

    The question is, where is a good venue for such a small party? Does anyone have any suggestions?

    I had a few ideas... if anyone has done a nice event at these places, please let me know...

    1. Rooftop at the Fringe Club
    2. Junk boat (Jubilee, Jaspas, maybe Saffron if I am feeling rich)
    3. Cheung Chau Windsurf Centre (has a nice balcony)
    4. China Beach Bar in Mui Wo
    5. Hire a tram for an hour, head over to the Jockey Club to one of their small rooms

    That's the kind of thing we have been looking at. Anyone got any other good places I don't know yet?

    Also have a budget of $20,000!!!!

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    Clear Water Bay (In Da Jungle)

    Viceroy Club, has a good outdoor section as well.

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    We used the Jaspas Junk for our wedding reception and everybody had a splendid time - absolutely stress free.
    Jaspas gave us the white boat, friends decorated it with pink ballons and flowers.

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    if you are feeling rich too, you could look into Le Boat

    question is when is the wedding? you do not want somewhere that will rain you out

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    Hi all, thanks for the reponses!

    Yes I thought of the Viceroy, have been there for the comedy night and the view is great. Also ties in well with having a short tram party before the dinner!

    Elle, glad to hear the Jaspas wedding was good -- I like their all inclusive price of $600, and the food looks great. Might be a very good option. And easy too.

    As for WHEN, it's going to be in late October, which I think is the best time of year for HK. And little rain, usually.

    Le Junk looks beautiful!! Will email them for a quotation -- thanks for the idea!

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    The Quarterdeck at Fennwick pier can put on good events. It is on the harbour and has outdoor and indoor seating. Off the beaten track so it is a nice private venue.