Where to get Customized Shirts?

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    Where to get Customized Shirts?

    I've been asking around for days, and no one seems to know where I can find places or stores that let you create your own shirt. Does anyone know?
    Someone told me that there's a "shop" in Mongkok Ladies' Market that lets you choose which cartoon character you want to put in your shirt, but that's not what I'm looking for. What I'm looking for is an actual shirt that I can put my *own* words on, or even a picture, or a witty phrase, or something! Lol.

    Can anyone please help me? *with sugar and strawberry on top, not lacking whipped cream *

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    You can try Promostuff


    or if you only need 1 shirt there's a guy in Wanchai Market. But you'll need to print out your words in the style that you want and he will photocopy it onto transfer paper and iron it on to your shirt. OR you can simply buy HP transfer paper at Wanchai computer center and do it yourself.

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    Thanks for your help, rani!! Will look into that