Buying eyeglasses in Hong Kong

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    Question Buying eyeglasses in Hong Kong

    Can you use a U.S. prescription to buy eyeglasses in Hong Kong or do you need to have an eye exam in Hong Kong?

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    whatsoever eyeglass shops give free exams to customer

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    My husband bought his prescription eyeglasses and contact lens in Hong Kong, and he felt so happy to get everythings done in one time.

    The fact that the U.S. prescription he brought actually was not perfect for his eyes. The girl told us the contact lens he was using were not common and had to place a special order. She asked my husband to try another pair, and then my husband felt so comfortable as if he didn't wear anything. Although we just picked a shop in a mall, he was amazed the efficient and the service they provided.

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    i think it's pretty common for the store to give you a complimentary exam if you purchase eyewear from them. they will also take a current presecription.

    i have found eyeglasses to be about 30%+ (and contacts maybe 20%) cheaper than the U.S. Even for designer brands (i.e. imported). The lenses are made in south China which means savings for you.