Summer camps and activities for kids

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    Summer camps and activities for kids

    After weeks of research, and a matrix chart involving everything from price to amount of time children are occupied, to travel time between locations, we've decided on summer activities for our children (7 and 9).
    I had a hard time finding a good listing, so thought I'd post my notes. Sorry, you'll have to google the exact addresses, as I'm not THAT helpful!
    There are others out there, but these seemed most interesting for my kids. I'd love any other suggestions!

    Treasure Island Surf Camp- surfing
    Children's Technology Workshop- computer- related stuff- game design, animation, robotics
    ESF educational solutions- sports camps and sports clinics
    Faust international- theatre and creative writing
    Chameleon workshop- visual arts/ arts and crafts
    Kid's gallery creative arts- performing and visual arts
    City Plaza Ice Palace- ice skating
    South China Athletic Association also seems to have classes and such, but I can't figure out what language they teach in, and haven't had the energy to call.
    YWCA- seems to have classes/ camps, but I can never find anything on their website (again, the energy problem- I know, pathetic) has a good listing of all sorts of providers (under family, sports, classes)

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    Thanks so much for all the work and for sharing